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Original Aired:
Sunday, November 21st, 2021
7:00AM to 9:00AM

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Sunday, November 21st, 2021 7:06AM

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Episode: Solidarity with Garnett Ankle

 Welcome to the first edtion of Solidarity live from Bijou Square, Downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Garnett wishes to apologise for the over one minute silence at the start of the show.

The United States is going through a very rough period where race relations are concerned. If you were from another planet, and tuned in, you would know this fact from the music and spoken word featured on the show this morning. Host Garnett reads Solidarity News. All the usual features are aired. 

Show: Solidarity

 Solidarity is the advancement of equal rights and justice through song and the spoken word. Justice knows no color, class or creed. 

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