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Tag: 12.03.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's intention to withdraw from the US-Russia INF nuclear treaty; Welfare reform's impact on women & the nation; Investigation into Pentagon accounting fraud & Labor's need to get back to its roots
Tag: Interview: Bishop John Selders, Sept. 4, 2018
Tag: BPT Generation Now | BPT Talks with Dayna Lindo
Tag: Mic Check -- July 29, 2018
Tag: 06.09.18: Resistance Round Table co-hosts Scott Harris and Melinda Tuhus discuss youth activism with Sam Rosenberg, a sixth grade student at New Haven CT's Cold Spring School & Ben Martin an activist with the group 350 CT
Tag: 11.06.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses GOP effort to promote religion in politics; EPA banning of scientists from advisory boards; Democratic party post-election autopsy; Confronting hate & fear in Trump's America
Tag: 09.04.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the effort to save the DACA program; How deregulation exacerbated the destruction of flood ravaged Southeast Texas; The true face of Antifa & Fight For 15 movement Labor Day protests
Tag: 05.08.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the dark repercussions of the GOP healthcare bill; Economic issues in the French election; Trump signs "religious liberty" executive order; CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs campaign update
Tag: 10.24.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses issues in the 2016 election campaign including the future of Social Security; What's at stake for the country with future appointments made to SCOTUS; California's Proposition 61 & Stealing US elections
Tag: 10.17.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the US election and fears of a new cold war with Russia; a post-election strategy for the U.S. progressive movement; Haiti disaster after Hurricane Matthew & Art & climate change in New Haven, CT
Tag: The Emotion Roadmap with Chuck Wolfe | 5/4/16
Tag: 02.22.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the New York Times coverage of single payer health care; Apple vs. FBI on encryption; Plan for civil disobedience in Washington, DC this spring & Bridgeport CT coal plant conversion to natural gas
Tag: Politics goes to the Movies
Tag: 12.14.15: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Donald Trump and his racism; Assesses the agreement negotiated at the Paris climate summit; Examines the results of Venezuela's legislative election & Ongoing CT janitors contract talks & strike threat
Tag: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses media myths about the Iran nuclear agreement; Greek economic crisis and Sept. elections; Pressure on Berrnie Sanders to issue foreign policy platform; Bread & Puppet Theater exhibit at UConn's Benton Museum of Art