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Tag: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump administration roll back of fuel efficiency & pollution standards; Lies My Teach Told Me author on writing history; the brutal war in Yemen & Rise for Climate protests on Sept. 8th
Tag: 06.09.18: Resistance Round Table co-hosts Scott Harris and Melinda Tuhus discuss youth activism with Sam Rosenberg, a sixth grade student at New Haven CT's Cold Spring School & Ben Martin an activist with the group 350 CT
Tag: 12.11.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses fallout from Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital; Trump proposal to establish a private spy agency; Post-Election crisis in Honduras; Yale University fossil fuel divestment campaign
Tag: 06.05.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the consequences of Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord; California proposed move to single payer healthcare; Causes of the current crisis in Brazil & Sustaining the Trump Resistance movement
Tag: 04.03.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's repeal of Obama climate change regulations and Internet privacy rules; US military escalation in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan & Yemen and New If Not Now movement protests US-Israel policy on Palestine
Tag: 12.19.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses charges Russia hacked the US Presidential election; Trump's nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General; Trump's "oilgarchy" nominations re: environment & climate & New Haven 12-21-16 antiracist vigil
Tag: 04.04.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the successes of the Fight For $15 movement; Brazilian corruption crisis or opposition party coup?; Climate Change & Geo-Engineering; CT budget crisis and threat of massive state-employee layoffs