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Tag: 04.10.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's attack on Syria; GOP Senate detonates nuclear option; March for Science appeals to reason; Koch brothers defeat TrumpCare & Win Keystone XL Pipeline Approval
Tag: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the GOP Healthcare Failure; Progressives campaign to block Gorsuch SCOTUS nomination; Over 10,000 Women sign-up to run for public office; Palestinian Dance-Rap Groups Tours US and CT
Tag: 01.23-17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris features speeches & interviews from historic protests against Trump inauguration; Pres. Trump's financial conflicts of interest and violation of ethics & Campaign to end prison solitary confinement
Tag: 12.12.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses how Democrats can challenge the Trump agenda, Commentary on the alleged Russian role in the US election; Legal status of opposition to Dakota Access pipeline & protests planned for Trump inauguration
Tag: 10.24.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses issues in the 2016 election campaign including the future of Social Security; What's at stake for the country with future appointments made to SCOTUS; California's Proposition 61 & Stealing US elections
Tag: 11.30.15: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses what's at stake at the Paris climate summit; Consequences of Turkey's shooting down of a Russian fighter jet over Syria; Planned Parenthood clinic attack & Excerpt of Bernie Sanders talk on socialism
Tag: 10.05.15: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses America's broken economic and political systems; Russia's intervention in Syria's civil war; the GOP campaign to defund Planned Parenthood & talks by Eric Foner & Ralph Nader at Tort Law Museum opening