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Tag: 12.10.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the unsanitized history of the late G.H.W. Bush; Fossil fuel & debt protest at Yale; RIP Medical Debt project & AMLO Mexico's new progressive President
Tag: 11.05.18: Counterpoint Scott Harris discusses prospects for progressives in the 2018 midterm election; Immigrants stepping up to run for office; If Democrats win the House subpoena power can reclaim the mantle of populism; Trump demonizes immigrants
Tag: 07.16.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the Trump-Putin Summit; Mexican President-elect Lopez Obrador's program; Ireland divests from fossil fuel industry & U.S. Weapons in Space
Tag: 07.09.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's Supreme Court nominee; Grassroots push to reform the Democratic Party; Trump EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's resignation; Medicare For All Town Hall meeting in CT
Tag: 06.25.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses immigration crisis on U.S. Mexico border; What's next for the Poor People's Campaign; SCOTUS punts on gerrymandering cases & Progressive candidate AMLO set to win Mexican presidential election
Tag: 05.28.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump administration abuse of immigrant children; Prospects for US-North Korea summit meeting; the eruption of violence in Nicaragua & a preview of this year's Left Forum conference in NYC
Tag: 01.22.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the Trump Resistance movement one year later; Trump nuclear strategy a clear and present danger; DACA and ending the government shutdown; Hartford public forum on Fascism & Anti-Fascism
Tag: 01.15.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris talks about Donald Trump's mental health with Dr. Bandy Lee; The Nation magazine's John Nichols assesses Tump's racism; New lawsuit challenges Trump policy on Guantanamo US prison; Women's March in Hartford, CT
Tag: 10.02.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the urgent need for debt relief for Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands; Saudi decision allowing women to drive; Theocrat Roy Moore's Alabama GOP primary victory; Benefit event for CT Immigration Bail Fund
Tag: 09.04.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the effort to save the DACA program; How deregulation exacerbated the destruction of flood ravaged Southeast Texas; The true face of Antifa & Fight For 15 movement Labor Day protests
Tag: 08.14.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris examines Resistance to Trump Adm; Opposition to a corporate deregulation bill before Congress; a leaked US govt. report on the effects of climate change & CT group supports immigrants threatened w deportation
Tag: 08-07-17 Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump DOJ plan to sue universities re "reverse discrimination"; GOP Immigration bill would deeply cut # legal migrants entering US;The crisis in Venezuela continues; NAACP Issues Missouri travel advisory
Tag: 02.13.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses concerns re: Jeff Sessions as Trump Attorney General; What the Anti-Trump Movement Needs to Sustain itself; Trump's new FCC head targets Net Neutrality & Groups organize to protect immigrant community
Tag: Mic Check -- Feb. 12, 2017
Tag: Resistance Round Table (Armageddon Update) -- Feb. 11, 2017
Tag: 01.30.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the explosion of anti-Trump protests nationwide; Challenging the constitutionality of Trump's Muslim Ban; Wash., DC mass arrests of inauguration protesters; Unions protest Trump Immigration policies
Tag: Mic Check -- Jan. 29, 2017
Tag: 11.14.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris assesses reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election; How progressive activists are working to re-shape the Democratic Party; Campaign to nullify anti-democratic effect of the Electoral College; listener calls
Tag: 09.05.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Donald Trump's visit to Mexico; EU penalty against Apple for tax avoidance; Concern re: Sander's Our Revolution group; Yale Graduate students push for labor union & local protest re: N. Dakota pipleline
Tag: 05.09.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses GOP candidate Donald Trump, Racism and Class; Growing opposition to the TTIP free trade treaty; The murder of Berta Caceres & US aid to Honduras & CT's budget crisis & imminent cuts to social services
Tag: 02.01.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses what happens if Bernie Sanders loses; Democracy Awakening actions in Wash. D.C. in April; Eyewitness to Oregon militia takeover & fight over public lands; Immigration as a central issue in Election 2016
Tag: 11.16.15: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the Paris terrorist attacks, the current, deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and the recent "Our Generation Our Choice" protest actions in Washington, D.C.